Ordering, Shipping & Returns

Retail Shipping, Ordering and Return Information
Shipping Schedule Change
For the week of February 6, 2023, our shipping department will be closed until February 13, 2023. All orders will be held until then and shipping will be done according to the order they were received. You may still contact us at info@mauiorchids.com with any questions you may have! Thank you for your patience!
Shipping Schedule
All orders received by Friday will be shipped out the following Monday or Tuesday unless weather is extremely cold. Orders should arrive within 2 days from shipping date via United Parcel Service (UPS) to Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands. Please check your email for an order confirmation number. If you do not receive a confirmation number, we have not received your order.  We monitor weather conditions and line our boxes with foam sheets as required to protect plants. Please call us immediately at 808-575-2255 if your plants are received frozen or cooked, and we will do our best to ease your trauma.

Flowering Plants
We do not have any flowering plants available. For many years, our business has been geared to meet the requirements, hopes and dreams of the true orchid hobbyist who will purchase a plant without flowers.
Minimum Order and Shipping Charges
Due to the every-increasing cost of the shipping services, we have a minimum order of $100 per shipment (wholesale order minimum is $250), before shipping charges are added. Shipping charges may be adjusted according to our actual cost, as the website may calculate shipping to be higher than necessary. In order to avoid any omissions or errors, please do not make any changes to your order once it has been sent to us.

Method of Payment
Payment may be made by using VISA, MasterCard.  (For PUERTO RICO: Please see additional requirements below.)
International Shipping
We do not take international orders.
Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
For Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands,  No minimum order is required other than the normal $100.00.  There may be a delay in shipping your order as we will need to accumulate orders before going for an inspection. Orders will be sent with UPS (United Parcel Service)  and shipping charges will be adjusted to reflect the actual cost of shipping plus our cost for the boxes, so please disregard the shipping charges that appear on your order. We will credit you for any excess you paid, OR send you a PayPal bill for the additional shipping, if any.
Net order must total $1000, excluding shipping charge.  Orders will be sent with USPS Priority Mail, and shipping charges will be adjusted to reflect the actual cost of shipping plus our cost for the boxes, so please disregard the shipping charges that appear on your order.  Your import permit must be faxed or mailed to us before your order is reserved.  Plants will be bare-rooted as required by the State Department of Agriculture here in Hawaii.  A processing and handling charge of 10% will be charged. No wholesale prices will be available.
There has been a recent change that now allows us to ship to Arizona.

Return Policy
If you are not satisfied with the plants you have received, please contact us within 48 hours of receipt.  Plants will need to be sent back in their original wrapping, in their original box, packed to ensure that no damage will occur during transit.  A phytosanitary certificate must be issued by your state agriculture department and attached to the box.  We will forward you a copy of our import permit with directions. Upon their satisfactory return, a credit will be issued for the plants ordered.  No further credits for the phytosanitary certificate or the cost of return shipping will be issued.